Classic mainstream advertisement is dead. Customers no longer want products to be sold to them. They want to be teached how to use products and thereby be entertained. They will figure out for themselves if it solves their problem.

by Chris Do

My main goal has always been to create something different from the ideas of others, to build something special in some way. Inspired by Chris Do I always set myself new standards. When I develop ideas one of my main focuses is always on entertainment, because in my mind that's the medium that connects the consumer and the advertiser. Entertainment can be found in literally everything, but in my opinion there are extremely divergent levels of entertainment quality. Which determine how strongly the consumer is consciously or unconsciously affected to buy.

by myself



For gamescom 2019 I was looking for a concept that would allow Samsung to stand out from the mass of advertisers and integrate potential customers organically into the brand environment. The main focus of Samsung's advertising campaign for gamescom 2019 lay on the Wide Screen Gaming Monitors and Solid State Drives, with the aim of highlighting the high storage capacity of the SSDs. So I developed the idea of the Samsung Supply Drop, a truck branded with an SSD advertising message, with a pun in its name, which should be placed inside the gamescom camp, a campground where many gamescom visitors tent. Besides the truck a paddock tent was to be placed with a huge screen consisting of several wide screen gaming monitors, to let the campers follow the esports events within the exhibition. The truck was to be filled with a variety of practical Samsung products such as Samsung AddWash machines, Samsung Side-by-Side smart fridges and Samsung microwaves to show the campers the products on site in a hands-on situation. This concept was based on the massive fan appreciation of having Samsung AddWashes at the Dreamhack exhibition 2019.


Adidas' wish was a concept for a B2B event through which they wanted to bring the world of esports closer to their sales partners and let them explore new advertising opportunities. An immersive event was needed that not only had to display esports, but also involve the partners and put them into the action. In addition to picking up the guests by cosplayers at airports, train stations and parking lots, I helped imagining a 360° experience. A room was to be set up which should be entered by the guests through an esports stadium entrance, which pro players go through to enter the stage. Neon lighted Adidas shoes on pillars were to highlight the entrance. With the help of projectors, using a 3D technique known from the Pergamom museum, the partners were to be placed into a stadium within a Fifa 19 match and afterwards stand on an esports stage, having thousands of virtual, enthusiastically screaming fans in front of them. With the help of an on-site commentator and the audio-visual 360° experience and follow-up talk sessions with esports insiders and players, a unique B2B event was to be created.


AMD needed a new advertising strategy for Europe in the course of the 2019 launch of the Ryzen 3000 processors and Radeon 5000 graphics cards. A target group segmentation and the determination of archetypes for the positioning of the products had to be created, as well as the selection of suitable regional and international esports teams and the selection of European main markets. I was involved in the development of the holistic communication strategy for the new products as well as ideas for a gigantic guerrilla campaign for the period of gamescom 2019, which was to achieve enormous media coverage despite the lack of a booth slot.



The Freaks 4U Gaming //
Internship Report

The report is a summary of my four months student internship at Freaks 4U Gaming, the global market leader in gaming and esports 360° marketing communications. I used it as an opportunity to apply new knowledge in Adobe CC InDesign and thereby to create a booklet as well as an atmospheric presentation for my class. In this report I describe my main projects for brands like Samsung, Adidas or Western Digital, including illustrations and photos from the company. My goal was to create a booklet that helps upcoming students finding an internship by also describing my experiences and giving helpful advices.

The KaDeWe "Seasons of Ideas" //
innovation strategy concept

This examination task had the objective of developing an innovative advertising campaign for the iconic department store "KaDeWe" on Kurfürstendamm, Berlin. The final idea of a classmate and me was to hold monthly rotating exhibitions on the different floors of the department store, including various international and exotic fashion designers, kitchen chefs, food trends and other offerings. This idea was to create a rotating. exclusive proposition that should match the character of the store and thereby gaining attention from tourists and shoppers, while setting apart from competing stores.

The Domestos "More time" //
communications campaign

The market for fast moving consumer goods is extremely competitive. In order to survive every brand must stand out from the crowd not just in terms of prices. My examination task was to create a new communications campaign for the toilet freshener products of Domestos. My focus lay on developing an unexpected positioning in comparison to competitors, to establish the brand in a high-selling niche market. The result was a lifestyle campaign build around the term of Domestos being the only household cleaning brand that gives you "More time for the important things in life".

The KidPick App //
communications strategy

The family life management app KidPick needed a new communications strategy to stand out from niche competitors and communication giants like Whatsapp. Our examination task was to develope a new strategy in order to acquire this goal. Together with classmates I worked on a more segmented target group analysis, did show risks and opportunities of the market, took a look on national and international competitors and conceptualized a unified corporate communication, including a new brand claim, being: "Family becomes child's play".


To develop logo concepts and to realize them in initial versions is a longtime passion of mine. However, I am not a professional designer and l love collaborations with talented contacts from my network for the final product. Nevertheless, every good concept needs a first visual implementation.


PERA SPORTS has been my everyday grind from 2013 to 2019. It all started as a small amateur esports team founded by friends and internet contacts to compete in several Call of Duty PC titles inside the German Esports Bundesliga (DeSBL). I dreamed of playing on a big stage one day and so I put as much of my heart and soul into the team as possible, taught myself some basics of graphic design and invested a lot of time into the project and my "career" as an amateur esports player. When I received my first contract offer from another Call of Duty team a dream came true for me, but graduation was too important for me to continue this path.

In 2016 I revived the project and quickly found my place in the booming clan scene of Germany. This time as a bigger gaming organisation instead of an esports team. Until the end of 2018 my admin team and me, as the leading head admin, were able to transform it into an 150+ players community, 1000+ applications, playing CS:GO, League of Legends, Rainbow Six: Siege, Call of Duty titles and PUBG, while having 11 competitive league teams.

PERA SPORTS back then had one of the most professional online presences and infrastructures of all amateur esports and gaming organizations in Germany and set a bar for other clubs to raise their standards. Among them for example: A self-created professional website, a self-managed root server, dedicated servers for tournaments and training games as well as an active social media presence on multiple platforms.

The project was my playground for every marketing method and design skill I've learned in university or elsewhere, which helped me to connect theory and practice in once. I did develope everything from scratch, the logos, the social media designs, the negotiations with esports teams, a mailing system, application procedures, tech support and others. Fortunately, I had a team of good friends who relieved me of a lot of community management and applications.

Since 2020 PERA SPORTS is more of a smaller leisure time project for me and the core members of the org, since we decided to decrease the stress and labour costs.

My name is Lars, also called "unikcrys". 🖖

I'm a 23 years old marketing communications student, who's absolving his studies with specialization in “Creative Advertising" (B.A.), in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin.


As a flexible team player who feels most comfortable in creative teams I develop advertising concepts, marketing campaigns, social media strategies and other assets from the creative world. A few years ago I taught myself graphic design to visualize my advertising concepts and I am currently trying to improve my skills in this section.


Through my active playing time as a semi-pro CoD esports player and later as the manager of a gaming clan with more than 150 players, which operated several esports teams, in different games, I was able to gain experience in the national and international amateur esports sector.


In private you can find me not only in ambitious rounds of Call of Duty or oldschool titles like Stronghold Crusader but also often in the creative workspace of my voice server. There I drift off in my thoughts, enjoy an ice cold energy drink and devote myself to intensive design or brainstorming sessions, while chilling out with my miniatur lion Simba.


I favor small working teams built on highly engaged individuals, a friendly but professional way of treating each other and digitized working processes. Honesty in the team communication is very important to me. Problems are best clarified in a calm conversation with each other. I also love to communicate and brainstorm inside of creative teams. Fast learning-by-doing is one of my core abilities, as I enjoy exploring new capabilities of mine.


Feel free to chat with me and spread some positive mood.

Lars Kliewer
12439 Berlin

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